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Registrar Services

2006-07 Undergraduate Catalog

University Ombudsman

Webster's Dictionary defines "Ombudsman" as 'one who investigates reported complaints, reports findings and helps to achieve equitable settlements.'

The purpose of the Office of the Ombudsman is to assist members of the university community in solving problems and conflicts. He will listen, discuss issues, answer questions, interpret policies, provide information and referrals and help develop options for problem resolution. The Ombudsman serves as an advocate for fairness for all members of the university community.

The Ombudsman is

  • Accessible, working with all members of the university community, including students, faculty and staff.
  • Independent, reporting directly to the Provost and through the Provost to the President.
  • Unbiased, considering the rights and interests of all parties involved, searching for fair solutions.

Students can contact the Office of the Ombudsman anytime! Instructors, academic advisers, department chairpersons, deans and directors are all experts at handling specific types of problems and should, in most cases, be consulted first. However, in some situations these official channels may involve lengthy or damaging delays. In these situations contact the Ombudsman early in the process.

If a student wishes to appeal a decision of the University Senate Committee on Student Petitions, the student should consult the Ombudsman.

Students are invited to call for a phone consultation or schedule an appointment by calling 352-392-1308. Walk-ins are always welcome in Tigert Hall, Room 31.