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Office of the University Registrar

2009-10 Undergraduate Catalog

Course Descriptions

College of Health and Human Performance

HLP 2940 Practicum in Health and Human Performance
Credits: 1 to 3.

A unique opportunity for students who are in the decision-making phase of their studies to test a career choice through practicum experience prior to completing professional courses.

HLP 4933 Variable International Topics
Credits: 1 to 6.

This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to study in a wide range of cultural settings.

LEI 2000 Introduction to Recreation and Leisure (Non-Recreation Majors)
Credits: 3.

Provides for the development of an understanding of the various roles that recreation has in our contemporary society and provides students an opportunity to examine recreation as a potential profession.

LEI 2181 Leisure Contemporary Society
Credits: 3.

This course examines leisure as a condition of being human, as a cultural mirror and as a social instrument. The course reflects a wide range of literature from a number of academic disciplines. (S)

LEI 3140 Philosophy and History of Recreation
Credits: 3; Prereq: 2HH-REC or LEI or HHP.

An overview of the philosophical and historical foundations of recreation, leisure and play with the intent of providing students a base on which to interpret the recreation profession. (H)

LEI 3180 Current Trends in Leisure Services
Credits: 3; Prereq: 3HH-REC or LEI or HHP.

An exploration of the dynamics and implications of current professional issues and trends impacting the delivery of parks, recreation and tourism services.

LEI 3250 Introduction to Outdoor Recreation and Parks
Credits: 3; Prereq: 3HH-REC or LEI or HHP, or department permission.

Survey of the history, terminology and current issues of outdoor recreation and parks. Overview of urban, private, NGO, local, state and federal roles in the provision of outdoor recreation opportunities. Explores the tension between recreational use and conservation values.

LEI 3320 Leadership in Recreation and Leisure Services
Credits: 2; Prereq: HHP junior standing.

Opportunity to explore and develop leadership and abilities to successfully implement recreation programs and services in a variety of leisure delivery systems.

LEI 3331 Camp Administration and Programming
Credits: 2.

This course is a study of camp programming and administration of a camp.

LEI 3335 Camp Counseling
Credits: 2.

The training of counselors for organized camping, including crafts, nature, cooking and informal activities.

LEI 3400 Recreation Program Design
Credits: 3; Prereq: junior standing.

Recreation Programming and Leadership gives students the opportunity to plan programs and assume a leadership role in conducting recreation activities. The student will study principles and practices of leadership and program planning for a variety of activities and programs in the leisure service delivery system.

LEI 3500 Administration of Leisure Services
Credits: 3; Prereq: 2HH - REC or LEI; Pre or Corequisite: LEI 3320 and LEI 3400.

Limited to recreation majors or those with permission of the instructor. Organizing and administering leisure and recreation services, emphasizing problem solving.

LEI 3546 Park Management
Credits: 3; Prereq: EES 3000, FNR 3153, LEI 3140 or LEI 3250 or instructor permission.

Orientation to park operations and management including planning, maintenance, law enforcement, resource management and visitor contact. Examine user conflicts and review case studies of existing park operations and research.

LEI 3600 Design and Maintenance of Leisure Facilities
Credits: 2. Prereq: junior standing.

Planning, budgeting, site selection, layout and maintenance of recreational facilities.

LEI 3703 Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation
Credits: 3; Prereq: 2 HH-REC or LEI; Coreq: LEI 3140.

Therapeutic recreation concepts, programming, practices, service models and setting, and types of disability and special population groups with an emphasis on the therapeutic recreation specialist's role in clinical and nonclinical settings.

LEI 3705 Leisure Services for People with Disabilities
Credits: 3.

Leisure and recreation services for special population groups will be examined and studied with a focus on: access/inclusion, barriers to participation, disabling conditions and special population groups, program development and service delivery and legislation.

LEI 3760 Leisure, Recreation and the Older Adult
Credits: 3.

An in-depth study of the responsibilities and opportunities in providing recreation services for the older adult.

LEI 3820 Leisure Education and Counseling
Credits: 2. Prereq or Coreq: LEI 3140; 3HH-REC or LEI or HHP.

Focuses on the theory and practice of leisure education and counseling.

LEI 3830 Principles of Travel and Tourism
Credits: 3; Prereq: 3HH-REC or LEI or HHP, or department permission.

This class will provide students with an overview of the travel and tourism industry. Course content will cover historical, behavioral, societal and business aspects of travel and tourism.

LEI 3831 Fundamentals of Tourism Planning
Credits: 3; Prereq: LEI 3830.

This course focuses on the planning of tourism services and facilities. The major topics include the identification and planning of the use of the physical, social and economic resources that are necessary to develop and support tourism.

LEI 3832 Special Events and Meeting Planning
Credits: 3; Prereq: 3HH - REC or LEI or HHP.

Course is designed to assist students to develop skills, strategies, knowledge, and understanding about scheduling, marketing, and planning meetings for various groups.

LEI 3836 Hospitality Management
Credits: 3; Prereq: 3HH-REC or LEI or HHP, or department permission.

Overview of the hospitality industry, including hotel management, food and beverage operations, business and leisure travel markets, convention services, hospitality trends, quest based customer service strategies and career opportunities will be addressed.

LEI 3843 Commercial Recreation
Credits: 3; Prereq: 3HH-REC or LEI or HHP, or department permission.

A study of commercial recreation as a major component of leisure services delivery systems will be conducted. An analysis of development potential of different types of recreation enterprises including resources, location, risks, sources of financing, pricing, managerial requirements, marketing, and sources of technical assistance will be explored.

LEI 3844 Resort and Destination Development
Credits: 4; Prereq: LEI 3830.

The study of resort and destination development and management will be made in an effort to bridge observations about resort planning, development and management with current examples from the industry itself. Laboratory experience will require on-site research and study.

LEI 3921 Field Experience in Leisure Services
Credits: 3; Prereq: department permission.

Field experience gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience in a chosen area of the leisure service delivery system. Students will apply skill and knowledge as a volunteer at an agency in their area of study. Students are expected to utilize leadership and management skills to enhance participant involvement and agency operations. In addition, the student prepares a resume, investigates agencies as potential intern sites and submits the appropriate forms for approval of an internship site.

LEI 4501 Legal Aspects of Recreation, Parks and Tourism
Credits: 3; Prereq: LEI 3400 and 3HH REC or LEI or HHP.

Concentrates on the legal aspects of recreation, parks and tourism in order to assist students to better understand the law as it pertains to their area of specialization and therefore reduce the potential for litigation.

LEI 4540 Management and Supervision of Leisure Facilities and Personnel
Credits: 3; Prereq: junior standing.

This course will provide the student with a basic understanding of the management process as it relates to planning and operation of leisure services facilities. Subjects covered in management and supervision include traditional and contemporary management theory, the management process, legal and financial aspects, risk management and contemporary issues in leisure services management. Facility topics include feasibility studies and design issues.

LEI 4570 Revenue Resources Management
Credits: 3; Prereq: 3HH - REC, LEI or HHP classification, LEI 3320 and LEI 3400.

Identifies the many and variable forms of revenue resources available in recreation and methods of managing that revenue.

LEI 4574 Marketing for Recreation, Parks and Tourism
Credits: 3; Prereq: 4HH-REC, or instructor permission.

An examination of the multi-dimensional marketing functions common to recreation, parks and tourism organizations. The course is designed to build on students' knowledge from other courses. Emphasis is placed on strategic planning in marketing and its use by hospitality and tourism organizations.

LEI 4711 Program Planning and Evaluation in Therapeutic Recreation
Credits: 3; Prereq: LEI 3703, 3 HH-REC or LEI or HHP, or instructor permission.

Advanced study in planning programs and evaluation in Therapeutic Recreation.

LEI 4713 Principles and Practices of Interventions in Therapeutic Recreation
Credits: 4; Prereq: 3HH - REC or LEI or HHP; LEI 3320 and LEI 3400.

Basic concepts, methods and techniques associated with the practice of therapeutic recreation in settings offering medical, rehabilitation and health care services.

LEI 4833 Ecotourism
Credits: 3; Prereq: Six hours of biological science.

A study of the components, history, practice and current issues of nature based tourism. Explores principles and problems of ecotourism for natural resources and host populations. Includes rural tourism, economic impacts, tourism life cycle and case studies.

LEI 4880 Evaluation of Leisure Services
Credits: 3; Prereq: 3HH-REC or LEI or HHP.

Methods, techniques and applications of the evaluation process related to the wide variety of leisure services.

LEI 4905 Variable Topics
Credits: 1 to 4; Prereq: department permission.

Offered upon request to students to meet special interests which are not adequately provided for in other courses, such as Multidisciplinary Perspectives of Gerontology and Health and Physical Aspects of Aging.

LEI 4940 Internship in Leisure Services
Credits: 1 to 15; Prereq: department permission.

Practical field experience in selected off-campus leisure service agencies. Normally taken during the last semester prior to graduation. (S-U)

LEI 4955 Travel Studies
Credits: 1 to 6.

PET 3121 History of Sport and Exercise Sciences
Credits: 3; Prereq: majors only.

The development of sport and exercise sciences in the United States from colonial America to the present. Interpretations of sport and exercise sciences and the relation to society are included.

PET 3254 Women in Sports
Credits: 2.

Presents a broad perspective of the historical, sociological and physiological aspects of sport participation by females. (WR)

SPM 2000C Introduction to Sport Management
Credits: 2.

Introduction to management, marketing, financial and legal principles regarding sport facilities, events and organizations within interscholastic, intercollegiate, professional and international sport industries. The conduct of amateur and professional sport programs.

SPM 3012 Sport and Society
Credits: 3; Prereq: HH majors only.

Societal implications of sport due to history and heritage, youth programs, collegiate and professional situations and the involvement of minority groups, women, business and industry. (WR)

SPM 3204 Ethical Issues in Sport
Credits: 3.

Review and study of ethical issues that affect sport.

SPM 3306 Sport Marketing
Credits: 3; Prereq: SPM 2000C and MAR 3023 with grades of C or better.

Key marketing concepts and strategies in a variety of sports contexts referent to sport consumer behavior and implications for marketing. Analyze marketing cases to solve marketing-related problems and prepare and evaluate a comprehensive marketing plan.

SPM 4104 Sport Facility Design and Management
Credits: 3.

The various elements involved in the planning and management of sport facilities will be analyzed.

SPM 4154C Administration of Sport and Physical Activity
Credits: 3; Prereq: SPM 2000C and MAN 3023 with grades of C or better.

Provides an overview of managerial principles and techniques applicable to a variety of sport, physical education and fitness settings.

SPM 4515 Sport Business and Finance
Credits: 3; Prereq: FIN 3403 and SPM 2000C.

Explain and delineate financial expense categories and sources of revenue for sport organizations. Determine and calculate facility revenues and non-facility revenues. Develop potential solutions for improving revenue sources and increasing revenue and decreasing costs while maintaining a viable product.

SPM 4723 Legal Issues in Sport and Physical Activity
Credits: 3; Prereq: SPM 2000C, junior or senior status, majors only.

Legal structures, major laws, regulations and case precedents that establish legal responsibilities, rights, privileges and controls related to field of sport management.

SPM 4905C Variable Topics in Sport Management
Credits: 1 to 5; Prereq: permission of department chairman.

Offered upon request of students to meet special interests that are not adequately provided for in other courses.

SPM 4941C Internship in Sport Management
Credits: 15.

Internship with public or private enterprise in the field of sport management. (S-U only)

SPM 4948C Practicum in Sport Management
Credits: 1 to 5; Prereq: permission of department chairman.

Practical experience in sport management areas. May include senior thesis with oral defense.

General Education Categories
Consult Schedule of Courses for specific information.

  • Biological Sciences (B)
  • Composition (C)
  • Diversity (D)*
  • Humanities (H)
  • International (N)*
  • Mathematics (M)
  • Physical Sciences (P)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (S)

* Students who entered UF prior to Summer B 2007 and/or whose catalog year is not 2007-08: Current students who have not already completed six hours of "I" - international/diversity credits can do so now by taking "D" and "N" courses.

Symbols Used in Course Descriptions

  • (WR) indicates the course satisfies the writing requirement.
  • (MR) indicates the course satisfies the math requirement.
  • (S-U) indicates the course may be taken on a satisfactory-unsatisfactory basis.
  • Refer to the Schedule of Courses for specific information.