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Office of the University Registrar

2009-10 Undergraduate Catalog

Course Descriptions

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

AFS 2002 The African Experience: An Introduction to African Studies
Credits: 3.

An introductory interdisciplinary study of African society and culture that examines the richness, diversity and time-depth of African civilizations. (S, N)

AFS 3300 Poverty and Development in Africa
Credits: 3.

This course is aimed to generate interest among students on African contemporary development issues, their challenges and possible solutions. The main part of the course follows a theme-based approach, these include: economic development; agriculture and the environment; social issues and gender equality; and democracy and political development.

AFS 3500 History of Islam in Africa
Credits: 3.

Course introduces students to the role of Islam in African history, with particular attention to the religion's place in economic and political systems.

AFS 3800 Childhood in African Literature and Cinema
Credits: 3.

Course explores African conceptions of childhood through the mediums of literature and film. Students will examine how childhood is represented in diverse African cultures.

AFS 4240 The African Family
Credits: 3.

The objective of this course is to enhance understanding of African societies south of the Sahara, through the study of the functions, roles and meanings of households and families. This course aims to stress both diversity within, and commonalities among, the myriad forms of African families.

AFS 4260 Africans Abroad
Credits: 3.

Course examines lives of Africans and formation of African communities in contemporary Western settings. Course also addresses relationship between Africans in the contemporary Diaspora and their home communities in Africa.

AFS 4330 Women and Politics in Africa
Credits: 3.

Course introduces students to historical and contemporary roles of women in African political systems, from local to national governance.

AFS 4340 Community Conservation and Rural Development in Africa
Credits: 3.

Course examines the practicalities and theoretical foundations of community conservation in Africa, with particular attention to the relationship between conservation and rural development issues. Main themes include property rights, governance, and local-global relations.

AFS 4345 Political Economy of Conservation in Africa
Credits: 3.

Course provides students with the tools to analyze effectiveness of diverse approaches to natural resource preservation and uses case studies primarily from southern and eastern Africa. Readings focus on political and economic aspects of conservation strategies.

AFS 4350 HIV/AIDS in Africa
Credits: 3.

This course utilizes the social science literature on AIDS in Africa to explore the social, economic, and broad cultural impacts of the epidemic.

AFS 4905 Individual Work
Credits: 1 to 9. Can be repeated with a change in content up to 9 credits.

AFS 4935 African Studies Interdisciplinary Seminar
Credits: 3; can be repeated with a change in content up to 9 credits. Prereq: junior or senior standing, or instructor permission.

A seminar on a selected interdisciplinary theme.

The Center for African Studies provides a list of courses each semester. African language courses are listed separately by the Department of African and Asian Languages and Literatures.

African and Asian Languages and Literatures

HUM 2420 African Humanities HUM 2424 African Cultures and Literatures SSA 3730 Language in African Societies SSA 4905 Independent Work in African Studies SSA 4930 Special Topics in African Studies SST 4502 African Oral Literature


ANT 4352 Peoples of Africa ANT 4354 Anthropology of Modern Africa

Art History

ARH 3525 Arts of West Africa ARH 3526 Arts of Central Africa


LIT 4194 African Literature in English


GEA 3600 Geography of Africa


AFH 2003 Africa in World History AFH 3100 Africa to 1800 AFH 3200 Africa since 1800 AFH 3342 History of West Africa AFH 3405 History of East Africa since 1800 AFH 4250 Modern Africa AFH 4253 African Women in the 20th Century AFH 4293 Politics and Violence in Africa since 1800 AFH 4450 Southern Africa AFH 4930 Research Seminar in African History


MUH 2530 Popular and Traditional Musics of Africa

Political Science

CPO 3204 African Politics


REL 3370 Religions of Africa

Romance Languages and Literatures

FRW 4770 African Literature in French

General Education Categories
Consult Schedule of Courses for specific information.

  • Biological Sciences (B)
  • Composition (C)
  • Diversity (D)*
  • Humanities (H)
  • International (N)*
  • Mathematics (M)
  • Physical Sciences (P)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (S)

* Students who entered UF prior to Summer B 2007 and/or whose catalog year is not 2007-08: Current students who have not already completed six hours of "I" - international/diversity credits can do so now by taking "D" and "N" courses.

Symbols Used in Course Descriptions

  • (WR) indicates the course satisfies the writing requirement.
  • (MR) indicates the course satisfies the math requirement.
  • (S-U) indicates the course may be taken on a satisfactory-unsatisfactory basis.
  • Refer to the Schedule of Courses for specific information.