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Office of the University Registrar

2009-10 Undergraduate Catalog

University Administrators

President of the University of Florida
J. Bernard Machen
Senior Vice Presidents of the University
Joseph Glover
Provost and
Senior Vice President
Academic Affairs

Brian Beach
Senior Vice President
Administration and Business Ventures

David S. Guzick
Senior Vice President
Health Affairs

Larry Arrington
Interim Senior Vice President
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Vice Presidents of the University
Jane Adams
Vice President
University Relations

Matt Fajack
Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy Foley
Athletic Director
University Athletic Association

Paula Varnes Fussell
Vice President
Human Resource Services

Jamie Lewis Keith
Vice President
General Counsel
Winfred M. Phillips
Vice President

Ed Poppell
Vice President
Business Affairs

Paul A. Robell
Vice President
Development and Alumni Affairs

Patricia Telles-Irvin
Vice President
Student Affairs