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Office of the University Registrar

2005-06 Undergraduate Catalog

How to Read a Course Description

  1. Course prefix and number
  2. Course title
  3. Semester credits achieved after successful completion of course
  4. Prerequisites or co-requisites, if any
  5. Description of course
  6. General education requirement categories this course satisfies, if any; see information below
  7. Writing (WR) and/or math (MR) requirement

Each course is identified by a three-letter prefix: MAC in the example above. If a student knows the course prefix, the Index to Course Prefixes will identify the department or departments offering courses using that prefix. Courses using the MAC prefix, for example, are taught in the Department of Mathematics.

The first digit of the course number identifies the level of the course (MAC 2312 is a 2000-level course, generally for freshmen and sophomores).

General Education Categories

  • Composition (C)
  • Mathematical Sciences (M)
  • Humanities (H)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (S)
  • Physical (P) and Biological (B) Sciences
  • International and Diversity focus (I)

Symbols Used in Course Descriptions

  • (B, C, H, M, P, S and/or I) indicates a General Education cateory(ies).
  • (WR) indicates the course satisfies the writing requirement.
    The Schedule of Courses lists the amount of writing credit per course section.
  • (MR) indicates the course satisfies the math requirement.
  • (S-U) indicates the course may be taken on an satisfactory-unsatisfactory basis.