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Office of the University Registrar

2005-06 Undergraduate Catalog

Course Descriptions

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

FRC 1010 Growing Fruit for Fun and Profit
Credits: 1; Prereq: first and second year students only.
For students, especially non-majors, desiring a concise mini-course in fruit growing and marketing. Fruit crops include citrus, pecan, blueberry, strawberry, peach, grape, apple, mango and avocado.

FRC 3212 Introduction to Citrus Culture and Production
Credits: 3.
Citrus botany, scion and rootstock selection, site selection, fruit quality grove design and production practices.

FRC 3213L Citrus Culture and Production Laboratory
Credits: 1; Coreq: FRC 3212.
Hands-on practical experience in various aspects of citrus culture.

FRC 3252 Tropical and Subtropical Fruits
Credits: 2.
Culture and management of important tropical and subtropical fruit, including avocado, banana, mango, papaya, loquat, persimmon, pineapple, coffee and others.

FRC 3274 Tree and Small Fruit Production
Credits: 3.
Current principles and cultural practices in deciduous tree, bush and vine crops. Major emphasis will be on practical aspects of production.

FRC 4905 Independent Study in Fruit Crops
Credits: 1 to 3; consent of instructor.
Selected problems in one or more areas of fruit crops such as nutrition, varietal development, herbicides, and other cultural treatments, physiology and postharvest handling.

FRC 4941 Full-time Practical Work Experience in Fruit Crops
Credits: 1 to 4††; Prereq: prior arrangement with adviser.
Practical work that must be a new experience and related to the field of study.

HOS 1014 Vegetable Gardening
Credits: 1.
A course primarily for non-majors who desire to learn the basic principles of vegetable gardening. A garden will be required of each student.

HOS 1541 Citrus Culture 1
Credits: 3.
History, botany, physiology and environmental considerations of citrus. Nursery practices, rootstocks, scions, grove configuration and other considerations up to the time of orchard establishment. Offered at SWFREC Immokalee.

HOS 2542 Citrus Culture 2
Credits: 3.
Basic prospects of contemporary Florida citriculture. Young tree planting and care; and major production practices including fertilization, irrigation, pruning and pest management. Integration of production practices into a scheduled program will be covered. Offered at SWFREC Immokalee, fall of even-numbered years.

HOS 3020C General Horticulture
Credits: 4.
General Horticulture will introduce students to the art and science of horticulture. Broad principles will be covered in lecture. The national and state industries will be examined. Laboratories will allow students hands on growing experience, demonstrations and field trips. Saturday field trips are required. A lab fee will be assessed.

HOS 3305 Introduction to Plant Molecular Biology
Credits: 3; Prereq: APB 2150, BOT 2010C or BSC 2010.
Introduction to plant molecular biology and genetic engineering, emphasizing plant genes and genomes, transformation of plants and basic molecular biology.

HOS 3430C Nutrition of Horticultural Crops
Credits: 3.
Study and discussion of physiological, biochemical and environmental factors influencing nutritional status and productivity of horticultural crops.

HOS 4304 Horticultural Physiology
Credits: 3; Prereq: BOT 2010C or BSC 2010.
Basic concepts and processes of physiology as they relate to plant growth and development.

HOS 4313C Laboratory Methods in Plant Molecular Biology
Credits: 2; Prereq: AGR 3303 or HOS 3305 and PCB 3063.
This course provides hands-on laboratory experience in plant molecular biology. Utilizing current techniques for isolation, purification and cloning of plant DNA, students will learn many basic techniques in plant biotechnology.

HOS 4341 Advanced Horticultural Physiology
Credits: 3; Prereq: HOS 4304.
Environmental effects (light, temperature and water) on physiology, growth and development of plants.

HOS 4905 Independent Study in Horticultural Science
Credits: 1 to 3.
Selected research topics in molecular biology, physiology and/or genetics of horticultural crops.

HOS 4909 Honors Project
Credits: 1 to 6; Prereq: must be admitted to the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences' honors program; 3.5 GPA.
An individual special project course restricted to students in the college's Honors Program. Students will complete a project on a selected topic, issue or problem. Projects may relate to research, teaching or extension. The project will be reviewed by at least two faculty members chosen by the honors coordinator. May be repeated for up to six credits.

HOS 4933 Horticultural Production Managers' Seminar
Credits: 1††; Prereq: 4AG standing or Coreq: HOS 3020C, 4AG standing.
Current practices employed in Florida horticultural industries. Topics include cultural practices, harvesting, labor relations, management, budgeting and records with guest industry lecturers.

HOS 4941 Practical Work Experience in Horticultural Sciences
Credits: 1 to 4; Prereq: prior arrangement with adviser.
Practical work that must be a new experience and related to the field of study.

PLS 3221 Plant Propagation
Credits: 2; Prereq: BOT 2010C or BSC 2010; Coreq: PLS 3221L.
Principles, practices and physiological aspects of the propagation of horticultural and agronomic crops by cuttage, graftage, seedage, micropropagation and other methods.

PLS 3221L Plant Propagation Lab
Credits: 1; Prereq: BOT 2010C or BSC 2010.
Methods of propagating by seeds, bulbs, divisions, layering, cuttings, budding, grafting, and micropropagation in a hands on environment.

PLS 4242C Micropropagation of Horticultural Crops
Credits: 4; Prereq: ORH 3513C recommended.
Lectures and laboratory exercises emphasizing the practical application of plant tissue culture for the clonal propagation of horticultural crops. Emphasis on aseptic technique, culture methodology, and micropropagation systems development.

PLS 4343C Identification and Ecology of Aquatic Plants
Credits: 3; Prereq: BOT 2010C, HOS 4304 and PCB 3034C.
Identification and ecology of aquatic plants. Emphasis placed on use of taxonomic keys for identification. Factors influencing development and growth of aquatic plant communities will be related to plants identified.

PLS 4353C Culture and Production of Aquatic Plants
Credits: 3; Prereq: BOT 2010C, HOS 4304 and PCB 3034C.
Environmental, physical, nutritional and ecological factors influencing aquatic plant growth. Commercial production techniques will be emphasized. Aquatic plants will be evaluated for use in ecosystems and wetland restoration.

PLS 4404C Principles of Composting Technology
Credits: 3.
Principles that influence the humification of organic matter under controlled conditions, emphasizing factors related to successful utilization of compost in horticultural production, analytical methods of compost quality determinators and regulatory aspects of compost product use.

VEC 2100 World Herbs and Vegetables
Credits: 3.
Introduces students to a variety of vegetables and culinary herbs. Emphasis placed on genetic, phytochemical and botanical diversity and importance of food phytochemicals and role of vegetables in nutrition. (B)

VEC 3221 Commercial Production of Warm Season Vegetables
Credits: 4.
Introduction to the commercial production of vegetable crops and a detailed study of warm season vegetable production. Crop biology, production techniques and required commercial technologies are emphasized.

VEC 3943 Vegetable Crop Industries
Credits: 1.
An extensive evaluation of the application of scientific principles in Florida's vegetable industry. A 3-5 day field trip will be taken into production areas. Additional expenses may be incurred during the conduct of this class.

VEC 4905 Independent Study in Vegetable Crops
Credits: 1 to 3; can be repeated to 3 credits. Prereq: permission of instructor.
Selected problems in one or more areas of vegetable crops such as nutrition, varietal development, herbicides, and other cultural treatments, physiology and postharvest handling.

VEC 4932 Special Topics in Vegetable Crops
Credits: 1 to 4; can be repeated up to 6 credits. Prereq: permission of instructor.
Lecture or laboratory sessions covering selected topics of current interest in vegetable crops.

General Education Categories

  • Composition (C)
  • Mathematical Sciences (M)
  • Humanities (H)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (S)
  • Physical (P) and Biological (B) Sciences
  • International and Diversity focus (I)

Symbols Used in Course Descriptions

  • (WR) indicates the course satisfies the writing requirement.
    The Schedule of Courses lists the amount of writing credit per course section.
  • (MR) indicates the course satisfies the math requirement.
  • †† indicates the course may be taken on an S-U basis.