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Office of the University Registrar

2005-06 Undergraduate Catalog

Course Descriptions

Biology: An Integrative Interdisciplinary Major
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

An interdisciplinary studies major in Integrative Biology is available for undergraduates who want a broader approach to biological sciences. The curriculum is flexible and develops fundamental knowledge of animals, plants and microorganisms, and is tailored to meet the needs of preprofessional students, those seeking a career in teaching in secondary education, and those students preparing for graduate studies.

This is a rigorous program that includes foundation courses from core biology, chemistry, math and physics. Consult the undergraduate catalog for basic course requirements and the undergraduate coordinators in botany and zoology for course selection guidance.

General Education Categories

  • Composition (C)
  • Mathematical Sciences (M)
  • Humanities (H)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (S)
  • Physical (P) and Biological (B) Sciences
  • International and Diversity focus (I)

Symbols Used in Course Descriptions

  • (WR) indicates the course satisfies the writing requirement.
    The Schedule of Courses lists the amount of writing credit per course section.
  • (MR) indicates the course satisfies the math requirement.
  • †† indicates the course may be taken on an S-U basis.