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Office of the University Registrar

2005-06 Undergraduate Catalog

Examination Policies and Reading Days

Final Examinations

Final exams are determined by course meeting times, except for certain large courses. The University Curriculum Committee must approve all changes in the examination schedule.

  • No student is required to take more than three final exams in one day.
  • During-term examinations are held during the regular class time or during the assembly exam periods, which are Monday-Friday from 7:00-9:45 p.m. (periods E1-E2) for the summer terms and Monday-Friday from 8:20-10:10 p.m. (periods E2-E3) for the fall and spring terms.
  • If other classes are scheduled during an exam time, instructors must provide make-up class work for students who miss class because of an assembly exam.
  • If two exams are scheduled at the same time, assembly exams take priority over time-of-class exams.
  • When two assembly exams or two time-of-class exams conflict, the course with the higher number will take priority. Instructors giving make-up exams will make the necessary adjustments.

Reading Days

The two days before the start of examinations in the fall and spring semesters, generally a Thursday and Friday, are designated reading days. No classes or exams are held on these days. Instead, students are encouraged to use these days for study and review.

There are no reading days in the summer terms because examinations are given during regular class periods.