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Office of the University Registrar

2005-06 Undergraduate Catalog

Confidentiality of Student Records

The university ensures the confidentiality of student educational records in accordance with State University System rules, state statutes and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, known as the Buckley Amendment.

Student directory information that can be released to the public is limited to

  • student name;
  • local, permanent address and email address;
  • listed telephone numbers;
  • class and college;
  • dates of attendance;
  • major field of study;
  • enrollment status (e.g., undergraduate or graduate; fulltime or part time);
  • dates of attendance at UF;
  • degree(s) and awards received at UF;
  • most recent previous educational institution attended; and
  • the weight and height of members of athletic teams.

Currently enrolled students must contact the appropriate agency/agencies to restrict release of directory information. The Office of the University Registrar, the Department of Housing and Residence Education, and the Division of Human Resources routinely release directory information to the public.

  • Student who want to restrict directory information must do so to the Office of the University Registrar in 222 Criser Hall.
  • Students who live on campus also must request this restriction from the Department of Housing and Residence Education (next to Beaty Towers).
  • Students who are university employees also must request this restriction from the Division of Human Resources.

Student educational records may be released without a studentís consent to school officials who have a legitimate educational interest in accessing the records. "School officials" shall include:

  • An employee, agent or officer of the university or State University System of Florida in an administrative, supervisory, academic, research, or support staff position;
  • Persons serving on university committees, boards and/or councils; and
  • Persons employed by or under contract to the university to perform a special task, such as an attorney or an auditor.

"Legitimate educational interest" shall mean any authorized interest or activity undertaken in the name of the university for which access to an educational record is necessary or appropriate to the operation of the university or to the proper performance of the educational mission of the university.

The university also may disclose information from a studentís educational record without a studentís consent to either individuals or entities permitted such access under applicable federal and state law.

Students have the right to review their own educational records for information and to determine accuracy. A photo I.D., other equivalent documentation or personal recognition by the custodian of the record will be required before access is granted. Parents of dependent students, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, have these same rights upon presentation of proof of a studentís dependent status.

If a student believes the educational record contains information that is inaccurate, misleading or in violation of his or her rights, the student can ask the institution to amend the record. The UF Student Guide outlines the procedures for challenging the content of a student record, as well as the policies governing access to and maintenance of student records.