Table of Contents
  • Introduction
    Board Members/Officers
    Purpose, Mission, Goals
    Academic Calendar
    FAQ's About Universal Tracking
  • Student Information
    Student Affairs/Student Life
    Academic Info/Regulations
    Fees/Fiscal Information
  • Curricula
  • Course Descriptions
    Reading an Entry
    Index to Course Prefixes
    Statewide Numbering System
    Description of Courses
    Staff and Faculty



A. State Board of Education
    UF Board of Trustees
    Administrative Officers of the University

B. University of Florida Purpose and Mission      

C. University of Florida Calendars

1. Application Deadlines     

2. Critical Dates and Deadlines    

D. Academic Calendar 2002-03 and 2003-04    

I. Student Information      

A. Glossary of Terms           

B. Campus Life and Student Support       

C. Student Academic Information and Regulations         

1. Admissions         

a. General Requirements for Admission   

b. Residency for Tuition Purposes 

c. Proof of Immunization     

d. Computer Requirement 

e. Freshmen 

f. Transfer Students 

g. Postbaccalaureate Study           

h. International Students    

i. Readmission        

2. Academic Regulations    

a. General Policies  

b. Registration Policies       

c. Attendance Policies       

d. Grades and Grading Policies    

e. Academic Progress Policies     

f. Degrees and Graduation 

3. Academic Advising         

a. UF’s Advising Mission   

b. Universal Tracking          

c. Accelerated Programs, Combined Degrees   

d. College Level Academic Skills Test (CLAST) 

e. Writing and Math Requirement (Gordon Rule) 

f. General Education Requirement 

g. Placement

h. Pre-professional Programs of Study     

I. Correspondence Study    

j. Honors Program    

k. Overseas Study Programs         

l. Academic Counseling Services and Help Guide          

m. Credit by Examination (AP, IB and CLEP Course Equivalents Charts )       

n. SAT II Examinations for Placement       

4. Frequently Asked Questions about Universal Tracking        

D. Residency

E. Fees and other Fiscal Information        

II. Curricula  

A. Colleges, Schools and Their Curricula

1. Fisher School of Accounting     

2. College of Agricultural and Life Sciences        

3. M.E. Rinker Sr. School of Building Construction       

4. Warrington College of Business Administration       

5. College of Design, Construction and Planning

6. College of Education     

7. College of Engineering  

8. College of Fine Arts      

9. School of Forest Resources and Conservation       

10. College of Health and Human Performance  

11. College of Health Professions

12. College of Journalism and Communications

13. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

14. College of Natural Resources and Environment      

15. College of Nursing        

16. College of Pharmacy  

B. Centers and Divisions    

1. Center for Latin American Studies      

2. Division of Military Science      

C. Graduate and Professional Programs

1. College of Dentistry        

2. Frederic G. Levin College of Law         

3. College of Medicine      

4. College of Veterinary Medicine 

III. Course Descriptions  

B. Reading a Course Description Entry   

C. Index to Course Prefixes

D. Florida’s Statewide Course Numbering System       

E. Description of Courses 

F. Staff and Faculty 

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